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{Aquos}: LIMULUS (350 Gs), SIEGE (300 Gs), TERRORCLAW (300 Gs), SIRENOID (400 Gs), FEAR RIPPER (250 Gs), MANTRIS (300 Gs), DRAGONOID (350 Gs), PREYAS (390 Gs), MANION (350 Gs), HYNOID (370 Gs), FROSCH: 500 gs

{Haos}: TIGRERRA (250 Gs)
{Pyrus}: DRAGO (300 Gs)



x3 SIRENOIDCharacter Card: Any bakugan you choose can be used as the character cards' power bonus. If you play a bakugan on this card and the same card opens with its name stated, that bakugan may double its G power level.

x3Quartet Battle: Both players shoot in another bakugan to the battle and combine g power levels.

x2Super Pyrus: Switch g power levels of both battling bakugan on this Gate Card.

x3Intercept: Shoot in another bakugan and combine power levels with your original bakugan.

Mind Ghost: Destroy all bakugan on this Gate Card.

x3Triple Battle: Shoot in another bakugan and combine power levels with your original bakugan.

Level Down: Decrease your opponent's bakugan's power level by 100 Gs.

x2Trade Off: If your opponent's bakugan has 400 Gs or higher in power, you automatically defeat it.

x3Battlefielder: Return all of the lost Gate Cards back to the battlefield.

Reloaded: Increase your bakugan on this Gate Card by 100 Gs for every bakugan you have on the battlefield.

x3Peacemaker: Return all bakugan on this Gate Card back to their owners

Switch Back: Any Preyas bakugan on this Gate Card that has used "Attribute Change" is automatically reverted back to its original attribute.


Slash 0: Increase your Fear Ripper's power level by 80 Gs.

Power Charge: Increase your bakugan's power level by 100 Gs. In the next battle, that bakugan may attack from any Gate Card, provided it wins this battle

x3Shadowscratch: Nullify your opponent's Gate Card.

x3Depth Tornado: Increase your Aquos bakugan's power level by 100 Gs

x3Abyss Ruler: Increase your Aquos bakugan's power level by 100 Gs

x3Anthemusa: If you have an Aquos Sirenoid on the battlefield, you win the round automatically.

x3Blue Stealth: Opponent's gate card is nullified, Transfers 50 Gs from your opponent's bakugan to Preyas.

x3Forcing Waves: Increase your Aquos bakugan by 100 Gs.

Wall Burst: Decrease your opponent's bakugan by 100 Gs.

Special Ability Cards

x3Tsunami: If you have three Aquos bakugan on the battlefield with one of them being an Aquos Siege, wipe out all the bakugan on the field other than that Siege.

Doom Companion: Destroy all bakugan on the Gate Card you've activated this card for.

x2Shade: Negate all of your opponent's active Ability Cards

Water Refrain: If you have an Aquos bakugan in battle, your opponent can no longer play Ability Cards for that round. Special and Fusion Ability Cards however, are excluded from this effect.

x2Polygraph Divide: Replicate and increase your Aquos bakugan's power level by the same amount of Gs as your opponent's bakugan

x2Dive Mirage: Use your Aquos bakugan to move over to an adjacent Gate Card, that Gate Card is then nullified.

Aquos Javelin: Allows your Aquos Siege to interchange two adjacent Gate Cards

x3Reverse Blow: Return your bakugan back to your arsenal during mid-battle

Triple Node: If you possess a Haos, Aquos, and Pyrus; or a Ventus, Darkus, and Subterra bakugan on the battlefield, increase each of the three bakugan's power levels by 200 Gs.

Revive: Return all of your lost bakugan back to your arsenal.

Fusion Ability Cards

x2Distraction Buster: Negates your opponent's Ability card

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